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Cyber Security Expert
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Michael Owens for Secretary of State

I am a Democrat running to be Georgia’s Secretary of State because our democracy is under attack. We must act now to stop the chaos, corruption, and voter suppression that are undermining fair and free elections.

As Georgia’s next Secretary of State, I will:

  • Protect every eligible citizen’s right to vote
  • Increase voter participation and accessibility
  • Bolster our state’s cybersecurity and guard against foreign interference in our elections and other critical infrastructure
  • Fix our statewide election system
  • Support small businesses, entrepreneurs, and veterans

I’ve dedicated my life to fighting for our freedom, to protecting individuals and businesses from cybersecurity attacks and to advocating for the voices of the people. It’s time to put my unique set of skills and expertise into action to transform this office and create an innovative and secure Georgia Secretary of State’s office.

Join me in making a stand now.

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